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The Scribe's Craft

Writing is my gift and my favorite pastime. I've engaged in all manifestations of the scribe's craft, from clear and concise technical manuals and business plans, to motivational advertising copy and impassioned political commentary. I have a wealth of experience writing for profit but I also write for the sheer joy of it. One of my novels, Place of Mirrors was published in 1996 and is still available on while several other manuscripts gather dust. Then, of course, there is that entirely self-serving incarnation of my compulsion to write - poetry - which bows to no one except my own passion for the written word.

- You have the knowledge and words but could use a little help putting it on paper (or computer). I'm a gentle editor - letting your voice come through with polish while conveying your message effectively.

Business Plans
- I can take all those bits and pieces of your ideas and organize them into a concise business plan that's worthy of the most demanding investor's attention.

Marketing Plans
- Competitive analysis, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), audience profiles, focus groups, advertising and media plans, trade shows... I can help you assemble the information and compile it into a useful document.

User Manuals
- My career began in technical publications. A well prepared user manual (print and/or digital) will deliver ROI immediately in reduced customer service costs and increased perceived value and customer satisfaction.


In March 2004 I decided to follow my dream - to travel and write. I was very concerned about the war in Iraq and the way we were losing our Constitutional rights following the attacks of 9/11. I'd had my first real experience with the political system by getting involved in the Kucinich for President campaign. So I I sold everything, bought a small motor home and hit the road to see for myself what was really happening in America.

Along the way, I wrote about the people I met and the events I participated in, along with personal commentaries on what was happening in politics, the war and whatever else caught my attention. I create a website called CPR4Democracy and posted my articles along with summaries and links to news stories that were not getting attention in the mainstream press.

I went to Miami to cover the demonstrations against the FTAA, to Brunswick, GA to write about the protests outside the G8 Summit, to Washington, DC to participate in the Take Back America Conference and a march from the White House to Rumsfeld's house. I covered the events happening outside both the Democratic Convention in Boston and the Republican Convention in NYC. And finally, I returned to Tampa to volunteer in the Kerry headquarters while continuing to write about the events leading up to the 2004 Presidential election from the state that was the center of controversy in 2000.

Following the '04 election, I headed west and settled in Oceanside, CA where I continued to write about the growing peace movement and progressive politics in one of the most pro-military areas of the country.

I am in the process of editing a collection of several hundred of the articles I wrote during my travels and my 2006 campaign for Congress to be published as Grass Seed.

Jeeni Criscenzo: 4819 Pescadero Ave. San Diego, CA. 92107 ~ 760-525-1915 ~