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Organizing Tools for the Grassroots

After the 2006 Election, I thought, "How can I provide the same powerful Web tools we built for my campaign to other grassroots candidates and organizations. I joined forces with Mark Brosius, who was our brilliant and dedicated IT Director for the Criscenzo campaign and we created

Netrootz.comDuring the past decade thousands of people have become politically active - some for the first time in their lives. The important thing now is to keep that energy alive and to keep progressive activists engaged on the local level

NetRootz provides grassroots groups and campaigns with the same user-friendly, web-based tools used by more established organizations. And it provides individual activists with a better way to coordinate their involvement in different groups and projects so that their participation is more effective and rewarding.

Any grassroots organization can use the FREE NetRootz Toolz to add their events to the searchable NetRootz community action calendar. Progressive organizations can also subscribe to NetRootz Toolz to manage their website and email list and send out professional email blasts.

For information on NetRootz, go to or send an email to me at -

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