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The Maya: Past ~ Present ~ Future

Are you curious about the symbols used throughout this website and encircled on the home page? They are the symbols for the 20-day cycle of the ancient Maya, part of their elegant and highly accurate calendar system... (find out more)

In 1996 my first novel was published. Place of Mirrors is a fictionalized account of a past-life regression I experienced and the years of research that experience inspired in me. Many of the people who have read Place of Mirrors, have asked me how they can learn more about the Maya. I wanted to enrich the experience of reading the book by giving my readers a map of the places I describe, a glossary of the Maya words used in the story and some of the historical and cultural background I uncovered in my reaserch. So I created, a website that is a rich resource for readers and anyone else interested in learning more about the Maya.

I'm eager to share what I've learned about the Maya who live in Chiapas and the current political situation in Chiapas. Ans as archaeologists continue to uncover ancient sites and epigraphers cooperate to advance the decipherment of the once mysterious Maya glyphs there is a lot of misinformation that shuld be refuted. These are exciting times for those interested in Maya history— both enthusiasts like myself and scholars. Every day new people are getting caught up in this fascinating study. The fact that in only a few years (2012) the great cycle of the Maya calendar will be completed, has piqued the curiosity of many.

Jaguar-Sun is a user-friendly website devoted to sharing information about the culture of the Maya people living in the Yucatan today and their ancestors, to helping readers have a greater understanding and appreciation of Place of Mirrors and to pass along what I have learned to students of all ages. Many schools are linked to the website and I enjoy answering students and teacher's questions or pointing them in the right direction.



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